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Sink ebout um

Sink ebaut um (think about it) is a fashionable English expression, which became a sudden memasik and was picked up by shkolota after a high-school battle of Oximiron with a Purulent sultry summer of 2017. Translated into Russian, this phrase means only "think about it," therefore, in itself, it is meaningless and can be used only after another "smart" phrase. For example: "All your first round is a retelling of the track" Whom you became ", sync ebout it!"

If you did not learn English at school or too often left your lessons, then maybe it's time to think about English courses for beginners? Sink ebout it. And by the way, saying "sync" with the letter "c" is very wrong, because the combination of "th" in this case is pronounced with a special sound, which is extracted by pumping air through the tongue between the front teeth, and this sound is completely absent in Russian.
Ryl current! Sink ebout it.

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