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RIL current

Izi, izi! Real talk is an English expression that can be translated as a "real bazaar," that is, "I tell the truth, I say the truth, these are the cross, the age of freedom can not be seen, I swear by my mother, anti-adherent ." And in fact, "real" means "real, real," and "talk" is, as you somehow do not know, "conversation, bazaar and stormy discourse."

The expression "ril tok" became a meme after the sensational battle of Oximiron with Gnoyn , which took place in the summer of 2017 and made a lot of haypas out of nothing. In addition to the current, the Battle made memes such stupid phrases as "Izi Izi" and "Blue Ebout It . "

The current is in the list: Slang

You learned where the word Rihl came from in simple words, its translation and meaning.
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